KNG 3P ready

gear profile grinding machine

Through the KNG ready series, KAPP NILES offers users an inexpensive entry into precision machining. The KNG 3P ready profile grinding machine has been designed as solution for flexible production of small and medium lot sizes.

The KNG 3P ready features a grinding spindle with high drive power. The dresser is suitable for the use of small dressing wheels with a minimum diameter of 65 mm. The working area can be used without any restrictions at large helix angles. Alternatively, the swivel range of the machine allows the grinding of worms.

  max. tip diameter

max. workpiece
length [mm]

module range
max. face width
max. helix angle [deg]
KNG 3P ready 320 825 0.5 - 10.0 400 - 45 / + 135