gear center

machine concept

The KX 100 DYNAMIC and the KX 260 DYNAMIC generating gear grinding machines represent a systematic further development of the technology already applied in the KX 160 TWIN multiple spindle design. The machine concept makes it possible to minimise the auxiliary process times and to reduce set-up times. The integrated loading function and the optionally available automatic changeover of the workpiece fixtures, make these machine concepts the perfect solution for medium and large batch production of external spur and helical gears.

The KX 100 DYNAMIC generating gear grinding machine includes two separate and pivoting columns, the KX 260 DYNAMIC includes one. A vertically moving pick-up axis is mounted on the column(s); each pick-up axis is equipped with a workpiece spindle. While one workpiece is ground, the second spindle transfers the completely processed workpiece to the handling conveyor and picks up an unprocessed part. The workpiece is aligned outside the working space. Subsequently, the workpiece spindle accelerates to the processing speed in order to minimise the auxiliary process times. The optional multi-function axis allows discharging of measuring and test pieces. Aside of optimised set-up times machine concepts, KAPP NILES now offers intelligent clamping devices and grinding tools for this series, which provide all process relevant input data within an integrated RFID data storage.

Continuous generating grinding with dressable cylindrical tools is the grinding method. Dressing tools with integrated tip dresser as well as flexible tools with independent tip dressing can be used on the dressing device.

Moreover, with the topological generating grinding option, it is possible to produce gears with or without targeted modifications.

control and software

The control system Sinumerik 840D sl is equipped with an operator-friendly menu-driven user interface, developed by KAPP NILES to match the specific machining requirements.

measuring system

An integrated measuring device measures and evaluates gear qualities against user specifications. This optional function accelerates set-ups by eliminating non-operational periods caused by using external measuring means. Alternatively, random samples can be tested during processing.


A primary advantage of this machine concept is the complete integration of automation functionalities. By using the pick-up design, parts are loaded and unloaded from a conveyor without any additional handling of equipment. Moreover, additional functions such as discharging test parts are possible.

  max. tip
diameter [mm]
max. workpiece length [mm] module range
max. face
width [mm]
max. helix
angle [deg]
KX 100 DYNAMIC 125 150 0.5 - 3.0 80 ± 35
KX 260 DYNAMIC 260 150 0.5 - 5.0 100 ± 45