gear profile grinding machines ZP I/E

profile grinding of gears

machine concept

The ZP I/E type is developed for high-precision profile grinding of internal gears with large modules and gear widths. The ZP I/E type now offers remarkably high efficiency and optimised solutions for such grinding tasks and at the same time the flexibility our customers need, to grind external gears by merely swiveling the grinding arm by 180°.

The internal grinding attachment is mounted directly on a large machine column and carries the complete grinding arm including a dressing and measuring unit. The grinding wheel will be dressed by a patented method using the tangential axis of the grinding head and a dressing axis. The CNC dressing device is located directly above the grinding wheel, which allows the wheel to be dressed in its grinding position. This eliminates long dressing paths and at the end, reduces the process times significantly. The grinding spindle is driven by a timing belt. This concept increases the torque on the grinding wheel, allows the grinding spindle to be thermally separated from the motor, and provides a compact design. The strong drive delivers enough power for high material removal also when using large and wide grinding wheels.

Even the basic machines are equipped with coolant filtration unit, dresser, in process measuring system, balancing unit, acoustic emission sensor and comprehensive software for grinding and measuring of involute profiles.

The use of high-strength, vibration-absorbing and durable spheroidal cast iron is one of the key features for the machine accuracy. Further outstanding features are, amongst others, a well dimensioned rotary table with electrical direct drive and hydrostatic bearing for highly accurate positioning, excellent load capacity and almost unlimited lifetime.

control and software

The control system Sinumerik 840D sl is equipped with an operator-friendly menu-driven user interface, developed by KAPP NILES to match the specific machining requirements. The operation and data input for gear grinding is already known from the ZP series.

measuring system

A specialty of the internal grinding arm is the in process measuring system, which is located below the grinding spindle drive and swivels into position for measuring. The measuring system provides reliable centring, accurate stock determination and gear measurement after grinding. To reduce set-up times, especially for large and heavy workpieces, clamping eccentricities can be evaluated with the in process measuring system and subsequently compensated by the control. The compensation works in all kind of machine functionalities such as stock determination, grinding and measuring.

Typ max. root / tip diameter [mm] max. module
max. helix angle 
max. immerse depth
ZPI 20 2,000   25 ± 35 600
ZP I/E 25 2,500 3,000 25 ± 35 750
ZP I/E 30 2,900 3,600 25 ± 35 750