Perfect interaction

for efficient processes



KN assist software platform

  • Optimisation of the set-up process with shorter preparation times
  • Easy management of components in the warehouse system
  • KN extender with digital functionalities for tool management
  • Condition monitoring informs about the state of the machine
  • Maintenance and repair manager with maintenance schedule lists
  • Remote service with complete remote service infrastructure

The innovative user interface KN grind

Allows intuitive parameter configuration of machining task. The operator is guided and supported during the input of workpiece and technology data. Subsequently, a flexible machining sequence is defined via process control. During process monitoring, the operator is able to observe and influence the machining status at any time.

Closed Loop

Data between machine tools, equipped with the KN grind, and measuring machines are transmitted quick and secure. The measurement values are transmitted in gear data exchange format and edited to become user-friendly, which makes the decision process regarding corrections to be implemented significantly easier.

Universal machine tool interface „umati“

Upon request, accessibility to the OPC UA-based universal umati interface can be provided. This option will make it easy to integrate your machine tool to the already existing IT-infrastructure.

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