gear grinding centres ZP B

profile, bore and face grinding of gears

machine concept

The machines of the ZP B type are designed for the complete hard finishing of external spur and helical gears. Special feature of this series – tooth spaces, bores and faces of the gears may be machined in one set-up using two independent machine columns. Since the implementation of the electrical direct drive the combination of gear and bore grinding became possible. This hybrid process allows maximum positioning accuracy in gear grinding in connection with a fast rotation for the bore grinding.

The machines of the ZP B type were designed and built to comply with the highest demands in large gear grinding. Thanks to the combination of two machining processes, they offer further advantages

  • savings in set-up, aligning and idle times
  • realisation of smaller stock allowances
  • no machining of auxiliary surfaces
  • reduction of cycle times
  • reduction of scrap and reworking percentage
  • smaller space required

Like all machines of the well known ZP series, the ZP B machines may be applied for large module gear grinding because of their comprehensive equipment. Due to the combination of internal cylindrical grinding and face grinding, these machines are mainly used for the grinding of gears where quality and economic benefits can be derived from performing all tasks in a single clamping. The bore can be either cylindrical or conical.

Various tools are used on the ZP B machines. For grinding of gears as well as for bore and end face grinding, dressable wheels for flexible machining options are offered. Non-dressable wheels may alternatively be used in gear grinding.

The machines of the ZP B type are equipped with two dressing devices. For gear grinding the customer-specific profiles can be generated via the machine control and controlled axes. A second dresser profiles the tool for bore and face grinding. The cup-shape dressing tool can dress the outer diameter and the faces of the grinding tool.

control and software

The control system Sinumerik 840D sl is equipped with an operator-friendly menu-driven user interface, developed by KAPP NILES to match the specific machining requirements. The operation and data input for gear grinding is already known from the ZP series. Additionally, a comfortable operator interface for bore and face grinding was developed.

measuring system

Besides the well-known standard features the in process measuring system can also be used in order to determine the optimum centre position of the gear to minimise the volume of grinding stock.

Typ max. tip diameter [mm] max. module
max. stroke length
max. helix angle [deg]
ZP 12 B 1,250 40 1,000 / 1,500 - 45 / + 120
ZP 30 B 3,000 40 1,550 / 1,750 ± 40