KNM P series

Portable measuring machines for gears and diverse components

machine concept

With KNM P series, KAPP NILES Metrology GmbH - manufacturer of the currently largest gear measuring machines (stationary or transportable) in the world - offers the first portable independent measuring equipment for larger gears, ring-shaped workpieces, housings etc. directly on the production machine or on the shop-floor.

The device is a new development based on well proven technologies, as well as innovations and has been perfectly adjusted to customer requirements specifically for the independent measurement of spur and helical gears or ring-shaped parts such as bearing rings and also housings etc. directly on the production machine or on the shop-floor without rotary table.

Its set-up as CNC-controlled 3-axis measuring equipment permits determination of profile, lead, pitch and runout deviations on gears as well as general parts contours. Proven software for fully automatic measuring cycles is available.

The system needs to be mounted on a stable support connected to the base / foundation of the production machine.


  • parts sizes: diameter unlimited
  • no influence by operator
  • highly accurate mechanics in special design with perfect accessibility
  • base plate, side parts and X-axis in special designed steel structure
  • Y and Z axes of granite with air bearing guide elements for wear-free and smooth operation
  • use of state-of-the-art drive technology (linear motors)
  • easy to move from one operation position to the next
  • combined with a base plate and a rotary table in customised design (docking station), the KNM P series can also run as a stand alone 4-axes measuring system
type max. workpiece
max. measurable
vertical height 
number of axes X-axis travel range
KNM 67P unlimited 700 3 600 400 750
KNM 1612P unlimited 1,200 3 1,600 700 1,200
KNM 1814P unlimited 1,400 3 1,800 700 1,400
KNM XZP unlimited customer-specific customer-specific customer-specific customer-specific customer-specific