KNM P series

Portable measuring machines for gears and diverse components

The equipment of the KNM P series has been optimally adapted directly to the production machine according to the specific customer requirements regarding the autonomous measurement of gears, ring-shaped workpieces such as bearing rings, housings etc. The combination of base plate and rotary table in a customised design (docking station) forms a full-featured 4-axis measuring device. Measurements can even be carried out without rotary table directly in the workshop area. In the KNM P machines, specially designed high-precision mechanics add to optimal accessibility with state-of-the-art drive technology (linear motors). The CNC-controlled 3-axis structure allows for checking all gear parameters or general workpiece profiles. Arbitrary workpiece diameters and easy transport are especially worth emphasising. The measuring equipment is placed on a sturdy base connected directly to the production machine or foundation.

workpiece diameter
max. measurable
workpiece length
travelling paths
X-axis Y-axis Z-axis
KNM 67P variable 700 3 400 600 750
KNM 1612P variable 1,200 3 700 1,600 1,200
KNM 1814P variable 1,400 3 700 2,800 1,400
KNM YZP variable customised designs available
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