gear profile grinding machines ZP E/I

profile grinding of gears

machine concept

The machine concept is based on the use of two independent grinding columns similar as used in the ZP B type. Beside the regular ZP grinding column for external gear grinding the machine is equipped with an additional ZPI grinding column for internal gear grinding. Both grinding columns allow optimum machining without limitation. The biggest advantage is the ease of changing the machine set-up. Especially on large machines it takes a lot of time to replace the whole grinding head. The switch between external and internal gear grinding on a ZP E/I machine does not require a set-up time at all.

Thus machines will be used by job shops primarily. The use of a common rotary table and peripheral units as the coolant filtration unit, for example, significantly reduces the investment cost and floor space compared with two single machines. Nevertheless full functionality for external and internal gear grinding is still available.

The machine concept can be tailored according to the customer requirements. Therefore, it can be choosen from multiple rotary table groups and grinding column bases out of the ZP machine series larger 3 m. The machine layout can be straight – both column against each other – or as an L-shape.

control and software

The control system Sinumerik 840D sl is equipped with an operator-friendly menu-driven user interface, developed by KAPP NILES to match the specific machining requirements. Workpiece data can be entered and handled directly from the drawing including modifications. The software supports the operator to choose the right grinding process. The programme automatically calculates grinding and dressing technology based on the important process parameters. The standard software package comes with very sophisticated alignment and measuring modules as automatic synchronisation, including the autonomous locating of the tooth gap, and inspection of the blank profile. This determines the amount of stock and thereby the grindability of the gear. The control can be expanded further by application-specific software packages.

measuring system

The high precise measuring system is an integrated part of the machine. Besides the various alignment, analysis and correction possibilities the system allows the final evaluation of the ground gear by measuring of all relevant gear parameters. The measuring results can be evaluated according to DIN and AGMA, also under consideration of modifications.