VX series

gear profile grinding machines

The profile grinding machines of the VX series are extremely suitable for meeting the highest requirements concerning the final quality of the produced gears. Both dressable tools and non-dressable CBN tools may be used in the process.

As the grinding adapter can be fitted with two exchangeable grinding spindles, the cutting passes can be realised with the sequential use of roughing and finishing tools in one workpiece set-up. As an alternative, multiple gears can be machined in one set-up.

VX machines configured for the use of dressable tools feature integrated dressing equipment producing any type of grinding wheel profile. The combination of measuring system and profile dressing equipment also allows for automated machining according to the so-called GMG-strategy (grinding - measuring - grinding). The dressing and grinding programme is generated
automatically based on the gear data.


max. tip
diameter [mm]
max. workpiece
length [mm]
module range
max. feed
travel [mm]
swivel range of
grinding head [deg]
VX 55 500 1,000 0.5 - 16.0 700 ± 90
VX 59 630 1,650 0.5 - 16.0 1,020 ± 90
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