Dressing tools

for profiling of vitrified bonded grinding tools

In addition to CBN and diamond tools for hard and soft finishing of gears and profiles there are dressing tools for profiling of vitrified bonded grinding tools in the product line.

Dressing rolls

Continuous generating grinding is one of the most productive technologies to grind high precision gear tooth flanks. KAPP manufactures dressing tools in positive and negative electroplated version. Highest flexibility can be achieved with form rolls for topological dressing. For the so called “flexible dressing” the tools are designed to dress worms for different workpieces with one tool, while the tip of the worm is dressed separately.

For serial production there are profile rolls with integrated tip dresser in a workpiece specific manner also for grinding of well defined gear root area. Most productive for high volume are multi-ribbed diamond profile rolls made in a negative electroplating process.

Sintered dressing rolls

Discontinuous profile grinding is usually used for smaller lot size production and also for bigger gears. Therefore, KAPP delivers sintered diamond form rolls which can be in an economic version with natural diamond or in a long life version with handset CVD diamond sticks. These rolls can be reground several times and exhibit a high tool life.

Dressing gears

Continuous gear honing is mainly used in the automotive industry as an alternative to generating grinding. This type of tool is also available as a set with DDG and integrated tip dressing roll. Diamond dressing gears produce the expected geometry precisely and fast and guarantee the demanded quality on the workpiece.

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