KNG master

gear profile grinding machines

The machines in the master series are perfect for high-precision machining of external and internal gears as well as special profiles.

The machine concept stands for maximum workpiece quality. High thermal stability and rigidity are achieved through an optimised design and matching components. The inherently rigid machine base enables easy installation without anchoring in the hall floor.

The new functional and ergonomic machine design paired with a innovative user-friendly interface KN grind supports the user during set-up and optimisation of grinding projects. High-performance technology options and application-specific alignment and measuring devices mean that

  max. tip diameter [mm] max. workpiece length [mm] module [mm] max. stroke lengh [mm] max. helix
angle [deg]
KNG 10P master 1,000 1,500 0.5 - 35 1,000 + 45 / - 120
KNG 12P master 1,250 1,500 0.5 - 35 1,000 + 45 / - 120
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