ZE series

gear profile grinding machines

The gear profile grinding machines in the ZE series are used for high-precision machining of external and internal gears. The machine concept stands for maximum quality, very straight forward handling and compact design.

The basic machines are equipped with a dresser, counter support, integrated measuring device, balancing unit and comprehensive software for grinding and measuring of involute profiles.

Easy accessibility provided by doors that open wide, and operation from the hall floor allow for easy set-up for machining individual parts and small-scale serial production. The machines feature generously dimensioned rotary tables with electrical direct drive and deep rotary table bores.

All machines of the ZE series can be equipped with internal grinding attachments.

  max. tip
diameter [mm]
max. workpiece
length [mm]
max. stroke
length [mm]
max. helix
angle [deg]
ZE 400 400 (500) 1,100 0.5 - 20 (25) 400 - 45 / + 120
ZE 630 / 800 / 1200 650 / 800 / 1,200 1,350 0.5 - 20 (25) 600 - 45 / + 120
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