Special machines


Machines from the GAS series are used for processing external threads and similar profiles. Typical components for these machines are external ball screws for automotive steering systems, as well as drive worms and small pumps and metering components. Parts are only machined by discontinuous profile grinding with non-dressable CBN profile grinding wheels or dressable ceramic grinding wheels.


GIS machines are used for the hard and soft finishing of internal threads in ball screw tracks or similar profiles. Typical applications besides vehicle steering are recirculating ball screws in the field of automotive. Parts are machined by discontinuous profile grinding. Non-dressable CBN profile grinding wheels are exclusively used, typically in a combination of roughing and finishing tools.


The high-speed grinding machine HGS is mainly used for grinding slots in pump rotors into the solid, through-hardened material. Slot widths of 0.5 to 2.0 mm can be produced with high efficiency due to package clamping and automatic unloading and loading. The in process measuring control ensures maintaining slot width tolerances. The HGS uses non-dressable CBN profile grinding wheels only.

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