Together with our employees, we want to make tomorrow's world a little bit better.

Sustainable work

Waste management

Efficient and consistent waste separation is part of our standard. There are facilities for the disposal of special and separable waste such as metal, batteries, defective electrical appliances or lamps. Every office workstation has a container for paper waste. Furniture or old appliances that are still usable are donated to charitable causes.

Responsible use of water

Water is a valuable resource. Careful use of water in our company is a fixed criterion. In the sanitary facilities, we have thermostatic fittings, water-saving buttons, sensory devices on the water tap or pearl jets that add air to the water and reduce the flow rate. We use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Sustainability in the office

Our office buildings and production halls are energy-efficient. They are insulated with environmentally friendly materials. In addition, windows with high sound insulation and good thermal insulation as well as modern, energy-saving heating and ventilation systems are installed. Energy is also saved with energy-efficient equipment, power-saving LED lights, digitalised archiving and administration.

Sustainable company restaurant

We get fresh food from regional suppliers and ensure short delivery routes. Vegetables are sourced from the Nuremberg area, meat products come directly from a butcher in Bamberg. In addition to meat or fish dishes, we offer vegetarian, full-vallue alternatives every day. Care is taken to avoid food waste through optimised menu planning.

Job bike

The bicycle stands for sustainability and we want to live this in our corporate actions as well. The bicycle counts as a piece of sports equipment in everyday professional and private life, as well as a positive factor for health. In addition, it makes a central contribution to environmental and climate protection.
We offer the possibility of leasing company bicycles or e-bikes. You can choose the bike of your choice yourself at the job bike dealer.

Open to suggestions

Our employees have thought about where we can avoid plastic in the company. As a result, our coffee machines have been equipped with hard paper cups. We also provide porcelain cups for coffee. Together, we save about 40,000 plastic cups per year. Charging stations are being built on the company premises for employees with electric vehicles.

Climate-friendly mobility

We want to make a contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and live up to our responsibility. We invest in electric vehicles in our fleet. Business trips and related means of travel are planned sustainably. There is a regular shuttle service between the Berlin and Coburg locations.

Resource-saving transport

Unfortunately, we cannot do without packaging. We mainly use reusable wooden crates for our machines and tools.

Sustainable production and products

Blue Competence

The "BLUecoMPETENCE" initiative creates a network for the mechanical and plant engineering sector in the field of sustainability. The common worldwide position of  a technology leader in the field of sustainable production and products should be strengthened and expanded through the bundling of resources, know-how and strengths of all VDMA forces.

We have joined this sustainability initiative as a partner company.

Our understanding of forward-looking sustainability is based on the principles of economic success, fairness, respect and responsibility, and encompasses the dimensions of society, ecology & economics. We understand sustainable action holistically in sense of the definition of the Brundtland Report and the definition of the Council for Sustainable Development in Germany.

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