KN Retrofit

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KN Retrofit

KN Retrofit includes a complete mechanical overhaul (KN Refit) in combination with a full control upgrade (KN Recontrol) from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) with the claim of a comparable new machine.

It is designed for machines whose production quality and safety is insufficient. The reason for this is increased wear of the machine base and lack of spare parts availability for the control components.

KN Retrofit includes:

  • Modernisation of the machine control system
  • Restoration of basic machine geometry
  • Replacement / general overhaul of all relevant machine elements
  • Renewal of fluid, electrical, control, measuring and safety technology

KN Retrofit is available for machines of the following series:

  • VAS / VIS / VUS (5-axis-concept)
  • RNS (5-axis-concept)

What are the advantages of KN Retrofit?

  • Reduction of production costs by improving energy efficiency, productivity and product quality
  • Restoring the availability of spare parts
  • Preparation for the recording of process and machine data for Industry 4.0
  • Resource-saving and economical alternative to a new machine

What are the advantages of KN Retrofit compared to third-party retrofits?

  • Mechanical engineering and software developments from current KAPP NILES machine series
  • Extensions of equipment and functions
  • Reduction of machine downtime to an absolutely necessary minimum
  • Renewal of machine documentation
KN Retrofit

New hydraulic unit

Overhauled machine base

New control technology


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