Individual gear solutions for e-drives

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Flexibility in the workpiece range of E-Mobility

E-mobility has brought about various application areas with new challenges for gear manufacturing. From miniature gears in bicycle drives to the gears installed in cars and even larger workpieces in trucks - KAPP NILES machines offer the flexibility to meet a wide range of requirements.


The majority of electric cars use simple, non-shiftable transmissions consisting of input shaft, intermediate gear, intermediate shaft and differential gear. However, the demands on these gears are even higher due to the extremely wide speed and torque range. KAPP NILES offers the answer for reliable machining of these workpieces with highest quality.

When top speed is required in an electrically driven sports car, transmissions have to function under maximum load.

Read our success story to find out more about how KAPP NILES supported the development of a new drive train for a fully electric sports car.

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The demands on the quality of gears have increased by leaps and bounds, not only in passenger cars but also in electrically driven commercial vehicles. Higher torques must be transmitted over a wide load range with high efficiency. At the same time, durability plays an important role.

To support you in meeting these requirements, we have advanced our grinding and measuring machines as well as their machining processes and chains accordingly.


Gears for bicycle drives are both very small and difficult to machine due to unfavourable workpiece geometries. Nevertheless, solutions are needed to manufacture these components in an equally productive, economical and consistent quality manner. All previously known fine machining processes have reached their limits here. Only through the development of generating grinding with the smallest tools is there a process that meets all requirements. KAPP NILES grinding machines with high-speed grinding spindles (HS) up to 25,000 rpm and correspondingly dynamic workpiece drives up to 5,000 rpm provide you with the basis for using this technology. This enables you to machine even the most complex gears precisely and efficiently.

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