Dr. Kapp Vorbildpreis 2022

28.06.2022 – Bad Staffelstein | Award of the Dr. Kapp Vorbildpreis 2022

Dr. Kapp Vorbildpreis 2022

Dr. Kapp Vorbildpreis 2022 all prize winners

Dr. Kapp Vorbildpreis 2022 f.l.t.r.: Michael Kapp, Janis Hertl, Lean Rauscher, Julian Bayersdorfer, Johannes Zenk, Jonas Walther, Martin Kapp, Matthias Kapp

Dr. Kapp Vorbildpreis 2022 f.l.t.r.: Johannes Zenk, Jonas Walther, Julian Bayersdorfer, Lean Rauscher, Janis Hertl

Dr. Kapp Vorbildpreis 2022 f.l.t.r.: Ausbilder Björn Engel, Johannes Zenk, Jonas Walther, Julian Bayersdorfer, Lean Rauscher, Janis Hertl

Your engagement is not in vain.

For the 18th time, the Dr. Kapp Vorbildpreis was awarded at Kloster Banz - this time as an on-site event as well as a live broadcast to reach a larger audience.

The prize is named after the founder of KAPP, Dr.-Ing. E. h. Bernhard Kapp. The prize is awarded to apprentices or retrainees from Upper Franconian member companies of the Bayerischer Unternehmensverband Metall und Elektro e. V. (bayme) (Bavarian Association of Companies in the Metal and Electrical Industry) who show special social or voluntary commitment to their fellow human beings.

This year, 51 young people were awarded the annual prize money of € 10,000 each. The prize money is distributed in three categories by a jury taking into account an evaluation of the trainers.

Patrick Püttner, Managing Director of the vbw District Group Upper Franconia, opened the award ceremony. Volunteering is "the kit that holds our society together". Companies also benefit from voluntary engagement in the region. Whether sports, leisure, clubs or children and youth work, the list of voluntary activities is long. Especially in view of the war in Ukraine, the care of refugees is currently important. The greatest respect and recognition goes to all those who help. The Dr. Kapp Vorbildpreis is an important building block for promoting young people in this and all other voluntary areas.

District Vice President of Upper Franconia, Thomas Engel, joined in with heartfelt thanks for the young people's engagement. "There is nothing good unless you do it," he quoted Erich Kästner. He said it was important to tackle things, to take responsibility, to do something good for others and thus also for oneself. In order for Upper Franconia to remain a land of voluntary work in the long term, initiatives such as the Dr. Kapp Vorbildpreis are needed. There is no doubt that this is a traditional prize with the aim of promoting and publicising voluntary engagement.

Martin Kapp, shareholder and chairman of the advisory board of the KAPP NILES group of companies, jury member and son of Dr. Ing. E.h. Bernhard Kapp, emphasised that all 51 prize winners made a valuable contribution. The Dr. Kapp Vorbildpreis has already been awarded 874 times and has become a real institution. This also shows the high level of volunteerism in the region, he said. "Engagement can be seen everywhere and holds society together," said Martin Kapp. In times of crisis, he said, caring, team spirit and solidarity are especially important and every helping hand is needed. The participation of the young generation with creative and solution-oriented ideas was remarkable. He closed the opening session by thanking the young people for investing their time in voluntary work and for putting their own needs aside.

The moderator Annelie Faber then introduced all the award winners in the individual award categories. Patrick Püttner and Matthias Kapp, Managing Director of the KAPP NILES group of companies and son of Martin Kapp, presented the awards directly afterwards. All participants ended the evening together on the Maintal terrace.

Five apprentices from KAPP NILES are also among the winners of the Dr. Kapp Vorbildpreis 2022:

Prize category 3

  • Julian Bayersdorfer (2nd year of training as an industrial mechanic): Kraisdorf music club as tenor horn player and Pfarrweisach volunteer fire brigade.
  • Janis Hertl (2nd year of training as an industrial mechanic): Wiesenfeld and Meeder volunteer fire brigades
  • Lean Rauscher (2nd year of training as an industrial mechanic): Lautertal volunteer fire brigade
  • Jonas Walther (2nd year of training as an industrial mechanic): Autenhausen/Gemünda volunteer fire brigade

Prize category 2

  • Johannes Zenk (2nd year of training as an electronics technician for industrial engineering): Autenhausen and Grub am Forst volunteer fire brigades; active youth warden.

Congratulations to all winners!

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