KNM C series

Measuring machines for complex workpieces

The machine has been optimally adapted for the determination of geometrical errors at bearing rings, slewing rings and cylinder-shaped workpieces. The CNC-controlled 4-axis structure allows for the expansion to a significantly larger component range, such as gears or gear cutting tools. All machines of the KNM C series are equipped with state-of-the-art drive technology (linear motors), and feature generously dimensioned guiding cross-sections and large bearing clearances.

The base plate, vertical columns and axes are made of granite. This ensures stable thermal behaviour. Air spring elements underneath the base plate safely shield from jolts and vibrations. The raised Y-guide and a drive close to the centre of gravity reduce the dynamic distortions to a minimum. Measurement uncertainties are at MPEE ≥ 0.6 μm + L/400 | MPETHP ≥ 0.8 μm. Reliable software is available for fully automated measurement cycles.

workpiece diameter
max. measurable
workpiece length
rotary table
travelling paths
rotary table
X-axis Y-axis Z-axis
KNM 5C 500 450 300 500 600 450 500
KNM 7C 700 550 300 600 750 550 500
KNM 11C 1,100 700 800 800 900 700 2,000
KNM 16C 1,600 700 800 1,000 1,200 700 2,000
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