KNM C series

Measuring machines for complex workpieces

machine concept

With KNM C series, KAPP NILES Metrology GmbH - manufacturer of the currently largest gear measuring machines (stationary or transportable) in the world - offers a universal high-precision measuring equipment for max. diameters from 500 mm to 1,600 mm. The ultimate form measurement is best suited for medium and large components.

The device is a new development based on well-proven technologies, as well as innovations and has been perfectly adjusted to customer requirements specifically for the determination of form deviations of bearing rings, race rings and all kind of cylindrical workpieces.

Its set-up as CNC-controlled 4-axis measuring equipment permits expansion to a larger range of parts as well, including external and internal gears or 3D-measuring tasks on prismatic workpieces. Proven software for fully automatic measuring cycles is available.


  • highly accurate mechanics in special design with perfect accessibility
  • base plate, side parts and axes of dark granite lead to consistent thermal conduct
  • base plate supported on controlled air springs for vibration insulation
  • air bearing guide elements in all axes for wear-free and smooth operation
  • generously sized guide cross-sections
  • large distances between bearing positions
  • Y-guide risen, drive close to the centre of gravity, low dynamic distortions
  • use of state-of-the-art drive technology (linear motors)
  • rotary table with air bearing and direct drive
  • integrated tailstock (optional)
  • perfect combination between the metrological features of a form measuring device with the strengths of a gear measuring machine respectively coordinate measuring equipment
  • measuring uncertainty (DIN EN ISO10360):
    MPEE ≥ 0.6 µm + L/400
    MPETHP ≥ 0.8 µm
type workpiece
max. measurable
vertical height
truth of rotation
(rotary table)
X-axis travel ranges
Z-axis diameter of
rotary table
load of
rotary table
KNM 5C 5 - 500 450 4 0.3 500 600 450 200 / 300 50 / 300
KNM 7C 5 - 700 550 4 0.4 600 750 550 300 300
KNM 11C 5 - 1,100 700 4 0.4 800 900 700 535 1,000
KNM 16C 5 - 1,600 700 4 0.5 1,000 1,200 700 750 2,500