DOB G series

production environment friendly in-process gauges

machine concept

The machine design is centred around using linear actuators to move the probe into position into the gear teeth.

Using the load cell located below the probe assembly, the actual pressure of the measurement is controlled and when the proper pressure is applied, this will trigger a limit switch to take the measurement and retract the gauge. The operator then can rotate the gear to a new tooth position or load / unload the gear. 

The control of the system is available with two control systems, EDRO (enhanced Digital Read Out) is a web based digital display that can be accessed using a standard web browser or a PC based software system that takes the gauge to a new level of absolute measurements.

These shop floor hardened gauges are built to handle the demands of production floor gauges.


  • available in internal and external gauges
  • fast exchange of probes
  • linear powered to ensure proper speed and pressure during testing
  • dimension over pins
  • odd tooth calculations
  • shop hardened design (2 year warranty standard)
  • optional PC control software
    • absolute measurements
    • remember calibration values for each ball
    • turret probe assembly (*3 positions)
    • interface with robot (pass / fail)
    • machine feed back generation for size changes
  • output options
    • CSV (Comma Separated Variables)
    • Q-DAS output (certfied)
type max. workpiece diameter
tailstock external / internal turret
DOB G100 / G150 / G200 / G300 100 / 150 / 200 / 300 optional e or i optional
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