DFT series

production environment friendly functional equipment


The double flank rolling system was designed to handle the environment of the shop floor. The base of the machine was designed to ensure stability and longevity in operation. The dual slide rails provide a very robust base for the physical control of the machine components. The spindle has an industrial construction to handle the conditions in manufacturing.

Using the latest software, the system is operating in Windows 10 environment. The DFT system uses linear scales so positioning the slides to the proper mounting distance is easy and repeatable.

The rotary motor on the spindle has incorporated a rotary encoder to allow the user to identify a tooth that is out of specification.

We also offer a optional load cell to document the pressure of the mesh during the testing. A solid system that will provide many years of service.


  • measure total composite error
  • measure tooth to tooth error
  • measure total runout
  • measure circular tooth thickness
  • optional journal references
  • automated cycle information
  • dimension over pins
  • document centre distance
  • document testing pressure during test
  • interface with robot for loading / unloading
  • save data in CSV and PDF formats
  • internal and external DFT are available
type centre distance [mm] tailstock autoload force monitor
DFT 100 100 optional no yes
DFT 250 250 optional no yes
DFT 400 400 optional optional yes
DFT 100 Dual 100 no optional optional
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