ZX series

gear centers

machine concept

The ZX series gear grinding machines combine, both continuous generating grinding and discontinuous profile grinding in one machine. Thus, a machine can be provided with high-end productivity even for bigger gears and larger modules. On the other hand the requirements for an outstanding flexibility can easily be achieved, too.

For the highly dynamic generating grinding technology, a very rigid basis was developed. All main components of this gear grinding machine are made from vibration-absorbing ductile cast iron. The bed is a single unit offering extremely high stability. The machine needs no special foundation. The rotary table is largely dimensioned and accepts high table loads. It is driven by an electrical high-accuracy direct drive, providing the required positioning accuracy for profile grinding as well.

The one-piece gear grinding machine bed is characterised by a compact design and a very good accessibility, especially for manual part loading. The compact design enables all operation and set-up from the shop floor. The changeover between the different grinding processes is very fast and reliable, allowing the use of the optimal process, no matter if it is prototype grinding, small batches or series production. The tool spindle has a counter support for better rigidity and surface finish.

Several dressing processes are available, e.g. double-flank dressing with simultaneous tip dressing for mass production, or single-flank dressing with separate tip dressing for economical costs on small lots and beyond that topological dressing for almost unlimited modifications and gear types for prototypes.

control and software

The control system Sinumerik 840D sl is equipped with an operator-friendly menu-driven user interface, developed by KAPP NILES to match the specific machining requirements. Instructions, e.g. tool change are shown at the control screen. Automatic functions assist in order to choose the right grinding tool and generate it to workpiece and dresser.

measuring system

Another essential factor for flexible machining is the ability to measure the finished parts right in the machine. Especially large module gears tend to heat distortions. They can easily be determined and the grinding technology be adjusted. This option also allows the operator to inspect and evaluate the quality achieved without disturbing the clamping – thus, shortening set-up times considerably.

  max. tip diameter [mm] max. workpiece length [mm] module range [mm] max. face width [mm] max. helix angle [deg]
ZX 630 650 1,050 0.5 - 12.0 0.5 - 15.0 520 ± 45
ZX 800 800 1,050 0.5 - 12.0 0.5 - 15.0 520 ± 45
ZX 1000 1,000 1,050 0.5 - 12.0 0.5 - 15.0 520 ± 45