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Find out why the KNM 2X is the perfect solution for your requirements.

170,000 €

(Net sales price plus VAT.)

FCA Großostheim

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KNM 2X - the gear measuring machine for workpieces up to 300 mm diameter


The KNM 2X is the answer to your needs for maximum precision, performance and stability in gear measurement.

If you order by 31 July 2024, you will receive our package price with the following scope of delivery.

170,000 €*

(Net sales price plus VAT.)

FCA Großostheim

*The offer is limited to the specified promotion period, only while stocks last. Reservations are not possible.

Find out why the KNM 2X is the perfect solution for your requirements.


Scope of delivery

Machine equipment

  • Basic machine with C5 controller
  • Electral equipment
  • Temperature compensation for the machine and workpiece
  • Vibration isolation by air springs
  • Smart – quick clamping system basic support plate
  • Smart tailstock vertical CNC movable
  • Lower center (Ø42) mounted on a Smart quick change plate
  • Reference-sphere (Ø12) incl. certificate
  • Basic set of probe tips, holders
  • Technical documentation


  • Automatic Probe Changer
    6 stylus holder plate for Renishaw SP 600


  • KN inspect including four modules:

    • KNStylus (Styli management)
    • KNAlign (Alignment of workpiece)
    • KNInfoStats (Runout evaluation)
    • KNGear (Software for measurement of cylindrical gears)


  • Standard pre-acceptance at supplier's site (1 day)
  • Operator training at supplier's site (3 days)
  • Packaging for truck transportation

Highlights of the KNM 2X

Guides and base plate made of granite

The KNM 2X has guides and base plates made of granite that are extremely stable in the long-term and have identically low expansion coefficients. This makes the machine less susceptible to temperature fluctuations.

Active air suspension elements to eliminate vibrations

Air spring elements underneath the base plates safely shield from jolts and vibrations, eliminating the need for separate foundations.

Flexibility and adaptability

With the self-centering quick-clamping system, clamping device changes can be carried out within a few seconds. The control cabinet can bearranged freely, which offers flexibility in terms of installation.

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Download our technical description for more details.

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