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Digital Service II - Production Monitoring

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What does Production Monitoring include?

  • Production behaviour of your machine (availability, running times, non-productive times, downtimes)
  • Production key figures such as OEE (pressures, temperatures, speeds, outputs, ...)
  • Job history and displays on HMI, web application (PC and tablet) and as an app on smartphones

What are the advantages of Production Monitoring?

  • Easily accessible OEE key figures
  • Detection of defined threshold value overruns (KPI‘s)
  • Device-independent access to all relevant production data

Contact person

Alexander Schunk

📞 +49 9561 866-1368
✉ alexander.schunk@kapp-niles.com

André Wetz

📞 +49 9561 866-1685
✉ andre.wetz@kapp-niles.com

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