KAPP NILES among the TOP suppliers

10.02.2018 - Ningbo, China | Also at the compressor manufacturer Ningbo Baosi Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. KAPP NILES counts to the most important suppliers.

Ningbo Baosi Energy Equipment Co., Ltd., of one of the leading Chinese compressor manufacturers, invited besides the approximately 1,100 employees the most important suppliers to the early Spring Festival celebration this year.
Gang Chen, Purchasing Manager Baosi, said “thank you” to all suppliers for the good cooperation and awarded noble trophies to the respective company representatives as a sign of appreciation.
For KAPP NILES, this award was received by the managing director Helmut Nüssle, the head of the Chinese subsidiary Georg Feng, and three other colleagues who support the customer on site.
In recent years, Baosi has already procured numerous machines of the RX series for hard fine machining of screw compressor rotors at the Ningbo site. Last year, both companies fortified the strategic cooperation with an agreement on further deliveries of these high performance and highly precise rotor grinding machines by the end of 2019.
KAPP NILES is very proud of receiving the award from this Chinese company, listed on the stock exchange.

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