KAPP NILES Experiences Growth

07.04.2017 - The KAPP NILES corporate group headquartered in Coburg, Germany is expanding its operations by three companies.

Last year, C4E Technology GmbH was founded with home base in Coburg and a production site in Boulder, CO in the USA. The capabilities of this company comprise a wide scope of coating services, such as optimized carbon (DLC) coating, silicon carbide (SiC) and boron nitride (BN) coating. These coating methods guarantee unprecedented hardness, dramatically reduce coefficient friction, long-lasting protection against wear, corrosion and most aggressive chemicals, crucial for numerous applications in the automotive and oil & gas industry, as well as for textiles and medical equipment. These coating methods also offer an ideal alternative to chrome plating which has significant environmental impact. Carbon coating allows for a variety of surface requirements, especially necessary in the field of tribology. For further information, visit  www.c4etechnology.com.

As of March 2017, KAPP NILES Russland, LLC residing in Moscow will manage sales and service activities for all KAPP NILES products in Russia and surrounding countries. Having access to local KAPP NILES gear experts will be a fundamental benefit for our customers. For further information, visit www.kapp-niles.com. (The Russian version will be published shortly.)

The Group’s third expansion, effective April 1st 2017, will operate under the name of KAPP NILES Metrology GmbH. This new product line of measuring technology is a well-suited extension of Kapp Niles current product portfolio of grinding machines, grinding and dressing tools, as well as comprehensive technology support. This positions KAPP NILES to offer comprehensive solutions to the gear industry. KAPP NILES Metrology GmbH will draw from long-standing wealth of experience from employees of both, former R&P Metrology GmbH from Aschaffenburg, Germany and Penta Gear Metrology residing in Dayton, OH in the USA. The complete measuring technology portfolio includes stationary and mobile measuring machines, measuring instruments, as well as special measuring devices. For further information, visit www.kapp-niles-metrology.com.

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