KAPP NILES Education with iPad and MLS

04.02.2021 - Coburg | Thanks to iPad & Mobile Learning in Smart Factories (MLS) well equipped for home schooling

More and more employees are currently turning their homes into offices. Our apprentices are already well equipped for this. Despite the Corona crisis and home schooling, we want to look ahead and give our apprentices access to teaching material and tasks from home - also with the aim of digitalising our apprenticeship and being fit for the future.

The iPads (incl. Apple Pencil) are made available to the apprentices for the entire duration of the apprenticeship and can be used for learning, for vocational school and also privately.  

At KAPP NILES, teaching and learning take place in digital form via the "Mobile Learning in Smart Factories (MLS)" learning platform.  

As a digital learning assistant of the Nachwuchsstiftung Maschinenbau, MLS works on a smartphone, notebook or tablet. In addition to personal access, all that is needed is an internet connection.  

The web-based learning and work app offers our apprentices the following tools:

  • E-learning functions and digital training courses at the workbench and machine
  • Didactically prepared and contextually relevant information
  • Videos and further links to explain tasks
  • Digital table, technical and arithmetic books
  • Illustration of KAPP NILES learning locations and training machines, including pictures, operating and programming instructions and technical data
  • News and chat function (so that the exchange of information and interaction is not neglected)
  • Web seminars for trainers and apprentices

The MLS application is constantly being further developed so that in future, for example, it will also be possible to digitally map a company run. In addition, our trainers also benefit from MLS by being able to create individual tasks and exchange information about them with the apprentices.

In addition to the transfer of knowledge in the company via MLS, the vocational school lessons are currently also being taught digitally. Our trainees also use the iPad with the Microsoft Teams app for this. The vocational school uses it to make assignments available or to hold classes via video conferences.  

Digitalisation is already firmly anchored in the training (also accelerated by the Corona pandemic). With the measures mentioned above, we want to make digital teaching and exchange as easy as possible for all apprentices. We are convinced that current limitations are not an obstacle to the successful transfer of knowledge and expertise and strong cohesion. We wish our apprentices a great and instructive time at KAPP NILES, whether temporarily and partially from home or hopefully soon completely on site again!  

And for all those who are interested: We are already looking forward to receiving applications for the start of training in 2022 at www.kapp-niles.com/de/karriere/bewerbung.

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