Work Anniversary Celebration at KAPP NILES Coburg, Germany | 2023

19.01.2024 – Coburg, Germany | The management honored an unusually large number of employees celebrating anniversaries at the traditional ceremony for long-serving employees.


[Translate to English:] Photo from left, top, to right, bottom: Winfried Lauer, Martin Scheeff, Thomas Lodes, Matthias Corriolu, Klaudius Bednorz, Mohsen Mortezaie Fard, Steffen Nowack, Matthias Kapp, Dirk Jäckel, Michael Bär, Philipp Lindner, Rüdiger Kempf, Sabrina Schaumberger, Ricarda Samjeske, Andreas Mücke, Kerstin Niemann, Steffen Nawroth, Tilman Schuster, Albert Jankowski, Ronald Witter, Torsten Welsch, Albert Fischer, Christian Pflaum, Michael Kapp, Jens Ludwig, José López, Christian Brückner, Axel Luhn, Burkhard Metze, Frank Gehrlicher, Thomas Vetter und Bernd Weiß.

[Translate to English:] Managing directors and jubilarians with 40 years of service.

Managing Directors Michael Kapp, Matthias Kapp, Michael Bär and Head of Human Resources Oliver Hausmann welcomed the invited guests.

After the celebratory meal in a very positive and appreciative atmosphere, Matthias Kapp thanked the long-standing employees on behalf of the management: "You all make a major contribution to the company's success. Your many years of experience and knowledge are invaluable. It is therefore particularly important that you pass this on to the young employees".
Michael Bär echoed Matthias Kapp's words of thanks. "It is no longer a matter of course that skilled workers remain loyal to a company for so many years. This fact shows that we have not done everything wrong. As a major pillar of the company, you are particularly important to us".

The three managing directors then highlighted the professional careers of the honorees, thanked them personally for their commitment and presented them with anniversary medals for many years of service from the Kuratorium der Bayerischen Wirtschaft e. V., certificates of honor from the Free State of Bavaria, honorary pins from KAPP NILES, wine gifts and flowers.
Albert Fischer, José López, Bernd Weiß, Ronald Witter, Ricarda Samjeske and Dirk Jäckel were honored for 40 years of service. In addition to joining the former Kapp & Co. at the same time, the first three jubilarians also studied together at the former Coburg University of Applied Sciences Coburg.

25 years ago, Klaudius Bednorz, Christian Brückner, Matthias Corriolu, Mohsen Mortezaie Fard, Frank Gehrlicher, Albert Jankowski, Heike Jobst (absent), Rüdiger Kempf, Winfried Lauer, Philipp Lindner, Thomas Lodes, Jens Ludwig, Axel Luhn, Burkhard Metze, Andreas Mücke, Steffen Nawroth, Kerstin Niemann, Steffen Nowack, Christian Pflaum, Sabrina Schaumberger, Martin Scheeff, Tilman Schuster, Ulrich Uebel, Thomas Vetter and Torsten Welsch joined the company.
Martin Kapp, who led the company as Managing Partner from 1983 to 2021, then took the floor and appealed to the jubilarians to maintain and build on the strong team spirit. "Just like a soccer team, a company can only be successful if everyone pulls together as a team."


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