grinding tools

CBN or aluminium oxide tools

Non-dressable grinding tools

KAPP manufactures non-dressable, electroplated CBN and diamond grinding tools for finishing of gears and profiles. The tools are characterised by long service life and high accuracy as well as regrindable basic bodies. KAPP grinding tools have the best reputation for more than 30 years worldwide guaranteeing highest quality, efficiency and economic grinding. The CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) coating developed by KAPP can be renewed more than 50 times and thus contributes to preserving resources.

Non-dressable grinding tools
CBN grinding worms
Diamond Coroning rings and Coroning gears

Dressable grinding tools

Dressable grinding tools of leading manufacturers can be used on KAPP NILES machines. Vitrified bond aluminum oxide tools are dominant. Likewise dressable CBN tools are offered.

Dressable aluminium oxide tools
Dressable CBN tools