dressing and grinding tools

As a manufacturer of gear and profile grinding machines KAPP NILES offers sophisticated/highly developed technologies with different, the particular task customized tooling concepts. We take your plans for the perfect profile and work together to find the best process that will meet your needs. Once requirements are set we engineer the tool that will create the shape. Making it as efficient as possible. Using methods decades in practice yet ever improving, we manufacture your tools to the exact standards you specify.

CBN Grinding Wheels

Profile grinding wheels - Full form profile grinding with single CBN profile grinding wheels for single indexing, suitable for roughing and / or finishing process.

Wheel sets - Full form profile grinding with multi-rib CBN profile grinding wheels for single indexing. Outside wheels suitable for roughing, center wheel for finish grinding. Primarily used to minimize indexing errors. Such as topological wheels, rotor grinding wheels, slot grinding wheels.

CBN Grinding Worms

Cylindrical CBN grinding worms - Continuous generating grinding with cylindrical CBN grinding worms for roughing and finishing.

Globoidal CBN grinding worms - Continuous profile grinding with globoid CBN grinding worms. Primarily used for roughing.