RX 120 rotor grinding machine

generating and profile grinding of rotor profiles

machine concept
The patented RX 120 rotor grinding machine utilizes the advantages of continuous generating grinding in manufacturing rotor profiles. Generating grinding is used for roughing of the rotor, or alternatively, discontinuous profile grinding. Then for finishing, profile grinding is used alone. Applying this combined process reduces grinding times up to 40% as compared to using conventional grinding and finishing methods.

The RX 120 rotor grinding machine is designed for highly efficient and economic series-production of small and midsize screw compressors. Directly-driven tool and workpiece axes minimises non-productive times during the grinding process.

The RX 120 uses only non-dressable CBN tools.

control and software
The control system of the rotor grinding machine is Siemens Sinumerik 840D sl, which is equipped with an operator-friendly menu-driven user interface, developed by KAPP NILES to match the specific machining requirements.

The following options are available, including

  • alignment of pre-machined rotors using a non-contact sensor or measuring-probe in reference to one or all gaps
  • runout inspection on bearing journal at tailstock side
  • adaptive control of the feed axis depending on the power input of the grinding spindle motor, to prevent overloading the grinding process due to excessive stock amounts

measuring system
The optional measuring device allows to measure and to evaluate profile parameters against specifications. This functionality is mainly used to optimise the set-up processes in the machine, particularly in order to eliminate non-operational periods due to external measuring processes as far as possible. Alternatively, random samples can be tested during processing.

The RX 120 was specially designed for the connection of an automation system, providing a simple and cost-effective integration of a deburring station for the ground rotors as well.

type max. profile
OD [mm]
max. profile
max. profile
width [mm]
max. profile
height [mm]
max. workpiece
lenght [mm]
RX120 120 220 120 30 425
external generating grinding non-dressable
external profile grinding non-dressable