repower - functional

an alternative to entend the life of your functional double flank roll tester

machine concept

The linear rails and bearing trucks are replaced with new ones, the rotary spindle is rebuilt, a linear scale is installed with a new rotary motor with rotary encoder. All mechanical tooling is inspected and returned to new condition. The electronics are replaced with new components and computer software is installed using Windows 10 (64-bit-systems). A REPOWER system is at half the cost of a new system.


  • new linear slides are installed
  • new bearing trucks are installed
  • new linear scales are installed
  • rotary spindle is remanufactured
  • new motor with rotary encoder
  • all workpiece tooling is remanufactured
  • new computer Windows 10 (64-bit-system)
  • new double flank software is installed
  • 12 month warranty