gear center

machine concept

The patented KX 500 FLEX is built on a shared modular machine platform. Application-specific production solutions can be configured on this versatile machine utilising flexible process technologies such as:

  • continuous generating grinding
  • discontinuous profile grinding
  • combination of both methods

The KX 500 FLEX is designed to perform diverse processing jobs by generating grinding and profile grinding efficiently and economically. Thus, it is suitable for the production of single pieces as well as for the serial production of high-quality gears. In this series the following tool concepts are offered:

  • dressable ceramic tools for prototype machining and grinding of medium to high-volume series
  • non-dressable tools for the manufacturing of medium to high-volume series, as well as the generating grinding and profile grinding of more challenging gear geometry

The KX 500 FLEX concept features an index table which incorporates the tailstock support. The profile dressing unit is rotated into dressing position at the work spindle by the index table. Besides the common axes the index table and tailstock are designed as NC-axes, too. The workpiece and tool are directly driven.

The profile dressing unit can accommodate a single or twin spindle dresser. According to the applied solution different technologies can be used for the dressing process, such as topological dressing of grinding worms with a radius tool.

control and software

The control system Sinumerik 840D sl is equipped with an operator-friendly menu-driven user interface, developed by KAPP NILES to match the specific machining requirements.

measuring system

The optional measuring device allows to measure and to evaluate gear qualities against specifications. This functionality is mainly used to optimise the set-up processes in the machine, particularly in order to eliminate non-operational periods due to external measuring processes as far as possible. Alternatively, random samples can be tested during processing.


The workpiece spindle is conveniently positioned on the index table to make it possible for the KX 500 FLEX to be loaded, both manually and automatically. Automation options include a standardised combination of pallet conveyer and gantry loader, or a robot system. For manual loading, the index table swivels the part 90° to the machine operator. For automatic loading it turns 180° to the left side. A detailed configuration is created for each specific application.

  max. tip diameter [mm] max. workpiece length [mm] module range [mm] max. face width [mm] max. helix angle [deg]
KX 500 FLEX 500 1,000 0.5 - 8.0 0.5 - 10.0 520 ± 45