KNG 320 ready

gear generating grinding machine

machine concept

With the gear generating grinding machine KNG 320 ready, KAPP NILES offers users in the field of gear grinding an inexpensive entry into precision machining. The KNG 320 ready is designed as a solution for the flexible production of small and medium lot sizes.


The gear generating grinding machine KNG 320 ready has been optimised for manual ergonomic loading. Thanks to the low height of the machine bed and the short distance to the machine elements all operations can be carried out without requiring tools.

measuring system

The integrated measuring device allows for the measurement and evaluation of all relevant toothing features. This function is used both for the optimisation of the set-up process and for the alignment of the toothing with optimised measurement switch.

control and software KNgrind

The control system Sinumerik 840D sl is used on a 19” touch screen. The innovative, operator-friendly user interface KNgrind allows a machine-oriented and an intuitive parameterization of the machining task.

The operator is guided and supported during the input of workpiece and technology data. Via process control a flexible machining sequence is subsequently defined. In a process monitoring the operator is able to view and to influence the machining status at any time.


An outstanding feature of the KNG 320 ready grinding machine is the tool drive. It combines high speeds of up to 6,700 min-1 for a constant cutting speed, even with a slimmer worm, with high stability. Thanks to the absence of a counter-bearing and an integrated automatic HSK interface to the tool holder, the worm change can be carried out in the shortest possible time. The alignmentfree level indicator on the tool axis rounds up the optimised set-up design.

The retractable dresser offers all relevant dressing procedures from the form-bound roll for higher or recurring lots up to topological dressing for prototypes and small lot batches. The standardised interface allows the customer to easily connect automation systems it procures, such as robots, to the machine.

  max.  tip
module range
max. face
width [mm]
length [mm]
max. helix
angle [deg]
grinding worm
diameter x width
floor space incl.
KNG 320 ready 320 0,5 - 5,0 400 750 ± 45 300 x 160 22