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Digital Service I - Remote Service

Digital Solutions - Perfect interaction for efficient processes

What does Remote Service include?

  • Processing your service requests via a ticket system
  • Support through live video, voice over IP, chat and whiteboard functions
  • Documentation of your service activities for each system can be viewed in the system archive

What are the advantages of Remote Service?

  • Faster and easier support and solution finding through targeted communication via a ticket system (no e-mail traffic)
  • Documentation, operating manuals and e-plans for each machine are digital and up-to-date available

Contact person

Alexander Schunk

📞 +49 9561 866-1368
✉ alexander.schunk@kapp-niles.com

André Wetz

📞 +49 9561 866-1685
✉ andre.wetz@kapp-niles.com

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