Work Anniversary Celebration at KAPP TECHNOLOGIES, USA | 2023

18.07.2023 - Boulder, CO, USA | Appreciation of the jubilarians at KAPP TECHNOLOGIES


Photo from left.: Matthias Kapp, Michael Ruppert, Frank Scher, Michael Kapp, Jeff Waterman, Andy Yang, Lucas Ellingson and Michael Bär (absent: Frank Kuckuk)

The importance of loyalty and long-term commitment of the employees to the company was emphasized by the management during the work anniversary celebration at the location KAPP TECHNOLOGIES in Boulder, CO, USA. Founded in 1985, the plant was intended to simplify and accelerate the supply of CBN grinding tools and machine spare parts to the customers of the North American continent.

In a ceremony, Managing Directors and Partners Michael and Matthias Kapp, Managing Director Michael Bär as well as Michael Ruppert, General Manager at the Boulder location, honoured the jubilarians and expressed their great gratitude for their tireless commitment.

Lucas Ellingson has been working at the company for 25 years. Now he handles tasks from two different departments. The main focus is on the design of high-precision CBN grinding tools, which are individually made for the respective customer task. As an enthusiastic IT specialist, Lucas Ellingson also supports the IT department. Even outside of his working hours, he is dedicated to researching the latest computer technologies and, for example, creates unique images with the help of AI-based software.

Andy Yang also joined the company 25 years ago and works in the Galvanic Tool Plating department. Thanks to his support, numerous customers can be supplied with high-precision CBN grinding tools in a short time.

Frank Kuckuk started his professional career as an apprentice at NILES in Berlin. There he gained his first experience in the service sector before deciding to support the KAPP TECHNOLOGIES team in the USA 25 years ago. As a dedicated Service employee, he is on the road a lot, for example to support customers with the maintenance of KAPP NILES machines or to set up newly acquired gear grinding centers. Thanks to his longtime experience, he helps customers to optimize their grinding processes.

Frank Scher and Jeff Waterman have been working in the Service department at KAPP TECHNOLOGIES for 10 years.

Frank Scher is primarily on site with customers to ensure that KAPP NILES machines run smoothly. He uses his excellent technical understanding to empower customers to get the best out of the machines during operator and maintenance training.

Jeff Waterman provides important support work for this: as an employee in the Spare Parts department, he supplies the customers with the required equipment. Since the beginning of 2023, he has been appointed to Parts Operations Manager and thus is responsible for spare parts procurement, warehousing including incoming and outgoing shipments as well as spare parts sales.

On the occasion of 25 years of service, the employees were presented with specially designed glass trophies. For the ten-year work anniversary, the employees received a watch.


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