gear measurement system PGM 400

analytical gear inspection machine for workpieces up to Ø 450 mm

machine concept
Designed to maximise uptime and throughput, the PGM 400 gear measurement system includes:

  • granite X,Y,Z column
  • integrated precision air table
  • granite tailstock assembly
  • carbon fiber probe arm assembly
  • intuitive, user-friendly navigation based on the Microsoft Windows® platform, making it easy to use
  • reliable, customisable and easily upgraded
  • the ability to measure a gear or related features in relation to functional datums and / or compare measurements to manufacturing datums thus eliminating the need for expensive tooling or fixtures
  • a modular design approach to the hardware and software allowing for easy system upgrades and expansions
  • the ability to compare output results in multiple gear standards simultaneously
  • complete user control over the format of the analysis reports generated – the user can choose to plot profile, helix, index, pitch, and tooth thickness along with standard analysed parameters and accuracy class all on one page
  • true 3D measurements in an error-compensated work envelope proprietary data acquisition algorithms and 3D probe technology


  • off-axis alignment (machine to part coordinates)
  • partial gear
  • tooth thickness
  • dimension over pins
  • gear calculator
  • networking & offline work stations
  • internal / external parallel axes gears
  • splines
  • creation of E-mailable inspection results
  • root scanning
  • roundness
  • unknown gear
  • unknown feature scan
  • SPC
  • cluster gear
  • tooth alignment
  • tooth profile
  • planes
  • diameters
  • geometric features
  • root radius
  • helical rotors
 type max. workpiece
diameter [mm]
weight of
part [kg]
length between
centres [mm]
PGM 400 450 90 760 200480