finishing of gears

machine concept
The WEISSER-KAPP MultiCELL is an innovative gear grinding centre for high productive finishing of gears. This integrated system merges the WEISSER hard turning/grinding process for finishing of the reference surfaces and KAPP gear grinding. Especially for medium and large batch production this process integration causing si- gnificant effects.

Reference surfaces are machined by the UNIVERTOR AC-1 within the cell. The WEISSER rotational turning, usable for OD-, ID-turning and facing, considerably shortening processing times compared to conventional procedures as well as gaining excellent surfaces free of lead. The rotational turning allows using considerably higher infeed and cutting speed.

Finally the tooth flanks are being ground in the gear centre KX 100 DYNAMIC using generating grinding. The machine includes two vertically moving pick-up axes; both are mounted on separate pivoting workpiece columns. Each pick-up axis is equipped with a workpiece spindle. While one workpiece is ground, the second spindle transfers the completely processed workpiece to the handling conveyor and picks up an unprocessed part. By means of the optional multifunction axis, measuring and test pieces can be sorted out by the machine.

control and software
The Sinumerik 840D sl is employed for the UNIVERTOR AC-1 as well as the KX 100 DYNAMIC. The control of the UNIVERTOR AC-1 is easy to handle due to lathe/grinding machine specific tailor- made screens and images. The control system Sinumerik 840D is equipped with an operator-friendly menu-driven user interface, developed by KAPP NILES to match the specific machining requirements.

The automation of the material flow between the two systems realises significant ratio effects. Following the machining of the reference surfaces the parts are being placed on a conveyor and transferred to the final process step for gear grinding. The two spindle pick-up design of the gear centre integrates all automation functions: parts can be loaded and unloaded from the conveyor without any further handling devices.

type max.
tip diameter [mm]
module range
face width [mm]
helix angle [deg]
MultiCELL 125 0.5 - 3.0 80 ± 35
external generating grinding dressable