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Abrichtbare Schleifwerkzeuge
Abrichtbare Schleifwerkzeuge
Abrichtbare Schleifwerkzeuge
Abrichtbare Schleifwerkzeuge

Dressable Tools

  1. Beside the non-dressable CBN grinding tools, dressable grinding tools of leading manufacturers can be used on our machines, too.

  2. Vitrified bond aluminium oxide tools are dominant. Sintered aluminium oxide is preferred as the grinding tool for grinding of steel due to its resilience and grinding capability. Gray cast-iron can also be processed with normal aluminium oxide.

  3. The profiling of the grinding tools takes place via a machine-integrated CNC dressing unit. A diamond-plated, rotating dressing tool profiles the wheel in accordance with the respective gear parameters.

  4. The grinding tool is conditioned specifically for rough or finish grinding by selecting respective technological dressing parameters.

  5. Form consistency and cutting capacity of the grinding wheel is assured by repeated dressings, dependent on pre-defined stock removal rates.

  6. Automatic balancing produces smoother turning for larger grinding tools, and consequently, high gear quality.

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