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Windkraft, Niles

The company

Founded in Berlin in 1898 under the name "Deutsche NILES Werke AG", NILES has maintained a long-standing tradition as one of the largest and most important manufacturers of high precision machine tools. Beginning in 1926 with the development of NILES generating grinding technology for manufacturing high precision gears, NILES quickly became one of the world's leading manufacturers of gear grinding machines. In 1994, the NILES product line was expanded to include gear profile grinders.

NILES has belonged to the KAPP Group since 1997. This partnership has opened up new technical possibilities like the continuous generating grinding or the highly precise grinding of large gears with non-dressable CBN grinding wheels, which are manufactured by KAPP 2 Technologie GmbH. Additionally, the ZP line of large gear profile grinding machines was extended to diameters up to 8,000 mm.

Manufacturing high precision machine tools requires an optimal environment. Since beginning of the year 2000 the NILES gear profile grinding machines have been developed and produced in the newly-built plant in Berlin-Falkenberg.

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