Geared to make things move
KAPP Coronier- und Hohnmaschinen CX-Baureihe
KAPP Coronier- und Hohnmaschinen CX-Baureihe; Innencoronieren
KAPP Coronier- und Hohnmaschinen CX-Baureihe

Coroning machines CX 250 / CX 250 I

Machining on Coroning machine CX 250 using a non-dressable tool with internal teeth is primarily designed for high-volume and mass production of external, spur and helical gears that have insufficient clearance adjacent to the teeth, such that other finishing processes are not feasible.
In Coroning, special tool designs enable the cross axis angle between part and tool which is normally required to be reduced to zero degree.

The Coroning machine CX 250 I is suitable for highly productive hard finishing of internal, spur and helical gears of medium and high-volume series. The tool applied is a non-dressable, external geared coroning tool.

There are several loading systems at your disposal, which can be integrated in the machine arrangement.

Technical Data

Tip diameter max. 250 mm
Module range CX 250 / 250 I max. 0.8-3.5 / 0.8-3.5 mm
Face width CX 250 / 250 I max. 70 / 50 mm
Control Siemens Sinumerik 840D
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