KNM X series

analytical gear inspection machine for workpieces up to  Ø 6,000 mm 

machine concept

With KNM X series, KAPP NILES Metrology GmbH - manufacrurer of the currentJy largest gear measuring machines (stationary or transportable) in the world - offers customised stationary state-of-the-art measuring machines as well as docking station solutions (machine base with rotary table and portable 3-axes-measuring unit).

An ultimate high precise measurement of gears with diameters from 1 m up to 6 m in the lab or on the shop-floor is possible.

The KNM X series already impresses by construction size. The solid base of granite provides sufficient stiffness and no fundation is required thanks ro the vibration dampers.


  • machine structure with outstanding intrinsic accuracy
  • large bearing distances of guides
  • inherently stable granite machine base on active dampers to absorb vibrations ? no foundation required
  • drive system close to center of gravity
  • linear motors in X-, Y-, Z- measuring axes
  • high precision air- or hydrostatic bearing rotary tables (diameters from 500 to 1,800 mm) with direct drive and through hole
  • motorized positioning of measuring column (V-axis) to the actual workpiece diameter
  • laser based system for safe operation
typeworkpiece diamter
measurable vertical height
number of
max. weight of workpiece
KNM X series*0 - 6,0001,000 - 2,1003+1/ 4+11,500 - 40,000

*customised design