KNM 2X / 5X series

analytical gear inspection machine for workpieces up to  Ø 650 mm 

machine concept

With KNM 2X / 5X series, KAPP NILES Metrology GmbH - manufacturer of the currently largest gear measuring machines (stationary or transportable) in the world – for the first time offers a newly developed series of state-of-the-art measuring machines for smaller workpieces.

Ultimate highly precise measurement of smaller size gears in the lab or on the shop floor - no foundation required.


  • ultra-compact design
  • machine structure with outstanding intrinsic accuracy and thermal stability
  • large bearing distances of guides
  • inherently stable granite machine base on air springs to absorb vibrations
  • no need for a separate foundation
  • drive system close to center of gravity
  • linear motors in x-, y- and z-axes
  • highly precise air bearing rotary table with direct drive
  • “Smart” Tailstock 2X / 5X
  • “Smart” Quick Change Clamping System (option)
  • flexible positioning of electronic cabinet
  • state-of-the-art KNM C5 controller
  • temperature compensation
  • CAA technology for all linear axes including tailstock
  • easy to use operator-friendly software (clear user interface, plausibility check)


workpiece diameter
max. measurable face width
tailstock L / D [mm] max. weight of workpiece
KNM 2X 0 - 200 (300) 450 480 / 300 80
KNM 5X 0 - 500 (650) 650 800 / 500 500