precision machining centre KN 5Ci

profile, bore and surface grinding of complex internal gears and profiles

machine concept
The KN 5Ci is the ideal precision machining centre for complex internal grinding requirements within 100 – 440 mm diameter range. Especially gearing and function surfaces such as drillings and plane faces can primarily be machined by grinding in single clamping. Consequently, even severe shape and positional tolerances that are required for precision gearing in robot and aerospace applications can be realised.

Complementary machining processes such as turning, honing and reaming significantly reduce machining time and furthermore guarantee excellent surface qualities as well as specific tribological properties of the components.

An intelligent adaptive clamping technique ensures that even raw pieces with form errors in a clearly noticeable double-digit µm-range can be picked up so that the required shape and positional tolerances of the final part can be met process-safely. Loading can be performed manually as well as automated using robots or portals.

Quickly changeable grinding arms and cassette solutions for grinding wheels ensure maximum comfort for technology change while shortening set-up time to a minimum.

Mechanical interfaces equipped with RFID chips guarantee the clear allocation of tooling, dressing and grinding strategy to the workpiece, especially when Industry 4.0-solutions are being considered. Consequently, a reproducibility maximum of the processing results can be ensured, providing a first-time-right success for the operator – no matter how complex the objective target. Because precision and productivity are no contradictions of the KN 5Ci.

control and software KNgrind
The control system Sinumerik 840D sl is used on a 19” touch screen. The innovative, operator-friendly user interface KNgrind allows a machine-oriented and an intuitive parameterization of the machining task. The operator is guided and supported during the input of workpiece and technology data. Via process control a flexible machining sequence is subsequently defined. In a process monitoring the operator is able to view and to influence the machining status at any time. 

type max.
swing [mm]
max. module
max. face width
max. helix angle
KN 5Ci 500 6 100 ± 20